18 Relatable Illustrations That Perfectly Sum Up The Struggles Of Adulting.

American artist Clare Kayden Hines has been drawing since she was 5, but as she got older, she decided that she wanted to do more than simply draw dogs, which was what originally inspired her to start drawing in the first place. In October 2017, Clare decided to create an alter ego, which she called Kayden Hines.

Then, she started incorporating Hines into a series of comedic illustrations that showed all the difficulties and frustrations that most adults go through in their everyday lives. Her goal was to make people feel like that they weren't alone in these struggles.

Your boss asks you to call a client, or your SO might ask you to order a pizza, bottom line, you hate having to interact with someone over the phone.

The thought of calling someone fills you with dread. Fortunately, most of us weasel our way out of it.

This illustration symbolizes how curious we are about those special e-mails we get in our inbox.

But when we open them and read what they say, we realize it's really much ado about nothing.

When you're on a plane, you wish you had the power to keep annoying people from sitting next to you.

Let them call you antisocial. What do you care? You've got an entire row all to yourself on the plane.

Avocados are so delicious, but waiting for one of them to ripen can be absolutely nerve-wracking.

Who has time to be patient? You want to make some guacamole now! Hurry up, Mother Nature!

How many of us make some serious grown-up plans the night before that we never go through with?

What seemed like a good idea before you went to sleep is simply a bad idea cause you want to snooze.

Life has gotten so complicated as an adult and you find yourself facing a bunch of difficult decisions.

Life is full of choices, but you should ask yourself why your pasta choices are having a breakdown.

Everyone has their own way of doing things, even when it comes to the toilet paper in the bathroom.

Some people turn the roll in different directions, but honestly, option number 3 is how most of us do it.

Waking up in the morning can be such a drag, so there are two ways people set their phone alarm.

There are people who need to set their alarm once, and people who need to be constantly reminded.

Most people have photos on their phones full of babies, loved ones, cookies, and beautiful scenery.

However, Hines, would much rather fill her photo album with photos of cute and adorable puppies. Can't blame her!

You've got the individual who has a laptop that is concise and free of clutter to make life easier.

Then there's the average adult, who has millions of files and icons disorganized on their laptop. This one hit too close to home!

Some adults are trying to figure out how they're going to chug down 8 glasses of water per day.

Hines is trying to figure out how to balance all those frappuccinos and red wine cups within 24 hours. What a challenge!

This is sadly accurate, but as babies, we were connected to our mom's umbilical cord.

As grown-ups, our umbilical cord is an electrical cord and we rely on it to keep our phones running.

We all fool ourselves into thinking that we have a green thumb and are the embodiment of nature.

In reality, we're incapable of taking care of any living thing, including plants, even if it's just a little cactus. Ugh!

When we go to the store on a full stomach, we're all about eating healthy stuff like fruits and veggies.

When we shop on an empty stomach, we end up splurging on foods that are full of sugars and carbs. Sadly, we never learn the lesson!

Hines created a pie chart that totally explains the way we rationalize our need to do laundry.

The truth is that most of us do it because we're tired of wearing our dirty underwear inside out.

Procrastination is such an adult thing to do, especially when it comes to washing a bunch of dishes.

You tell yourself you'll leave them to soak, but if sponges could talk, they'd call you out on your laziness.

When you go out on a trip, you expect to take the ultimate selfie where it's just you and no one else.

In reality, everyone has the same idea and there are tons of people pushing to take the perfect selfie.

You did the laundry, and now it's time to fold it, but you never realized how tough folding really was.

After one shirt, you're tapped out, and like you, many of us wish they would invent a folding machine.

See more of Kayden's illustrations on Instagram.


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