19 Creative Women Show What It Takes To Get Perfect Photos.

These days it feels like everyone is a supermodel, well, at least on Instagram. There doesn’t seem to be a single bad photo out there. It's like everyone is able to snap flawless selfies in a heartbeat. But like everything else on social media, it’s nothing more than an illusion. In reality, these seemingly perfect photos took many hours to shoot, or the people on the photo had to contort a certain way.

In fact, if you ask anyone, they’ll tell you that there’s a very interesting, and in some cases, funny story behind their Instagram pictures. So check out these photos of 19 girls who have totally gone above and beyond to get a shot that was worth sharing with their followers.

Sometimes, in an attempt to get the right shot, you have to do things that leave you drenched.

This gal looked totally glamorous, but in reality, she had thrown herself in a bath soup full of milky water and an assortment of flower petals while wearing a bathing suit. But you can’t deny that the end results were worth it.

The effort it takes to get a great photo often takes more than one individual to get the job done.

This woman had to rely on her friend’s help to hold a bunch of fake decorative bushes to make it seem like she was in the middle of a forest. In reality, she was simply posing for a photo inside a store.

You don’t always get to have a bunch of makeup artists on hand to help you during a shoot.

This girl didn’t have anyone else except for her friend, but what an awesome friend she was! She made sure that the girl’s dress looked absolutely perfect before taking a single snap on her cellphone. That's what I call commitment!

In some cases, getting the right photo requires a great deal of team effort, but it’s worth it.

This gal was grateful to her friend who was holding the camera. Fortunately , there was a guy who was willing to give her a boost… literally, in order to take this photo from a higher angle. Genius!

To look like a Instagram model, you have to have people willing to lie down for you.

She certainly looks amazing in the final shot, but that’s thanks to the friend who had to throw herself on the floor to get the right angle and make it all come together. That's true friendship right there!

Sometimes you have to multiply life by the power of two in order to get the right shot.

Hopefully, you have a friend who isn’t afraid of heights like this girl had. Otherwise, you’ll have a rough time getting someone to climb a tree for you to take a photo from up above. And if you get someone to do this, treat them to some lunch or a latte afterwards.

You don’t always have to leave the house in order to look for exotic locations to take a photo.

This woman took an amazing photo right there in her own kitchen. All she had to do was sit on the marble counter top. She took advantage of those hanging ceiling lamps that made her look mesmerizing and ethereal, and snapped one heck of a photo. Pretty impressive!

You know that it has to be love when you have a boyfriend who is willing to do this for you.

This guy’s hanging out of the passenger side window of a car in order to take a great selfie of his girlfriend. When a guy is willing to break his back in order to help you look great, he’s definitely a keeper.

You don’t always need a photo studio, but you do need to find the perfect setting for your photo.

These two didn’t have to go very far. They simply headed to a flower shop in their neighborhood and got creative. They both sat on the floor while one of them posed fabulously, and the other one took snaps. What a perfect shot for springtime!

Sometimes you have to go to the extremes in order to get the right lighting for a selfie.

Check out this girl, who really wanted to look like an insta model with perfect skin and radiant hair. But to get that perfect lighting, she had to lift her legs up as if she were giving birth in order to hold the light steady. Beauty means pain, huh?

Lighting can make a whole world of difference in your quest to get the right photo.

It’s time consuming, sure, but the end results are so worth it. Finding the right light is essential when taking a photo. Sometimes you have to use props like a car, a sideview mirror, and a hot photographer to be able to snap an Insta-worthy pic.

You have to put your back into it in order to get a shot, but not everyone has to do it.

This girl didn’t mind having her man photobomb her in the first photo. Besides, she would rather have him lay on the wet, dirty ground than her. But in the second photo she realized that if you want something done a certain way, sometimes you have to do it yourself.

The one thing you need to know about Instagram selfies is that not everything is what it seems.

Take this lovely young woman for example. The end result shows her standing behind a tree and flowers. You'd assume she was snapping this picture at the woods. But in reality, she’s modeling by the sidewalk, and the photographer is holding the tree to get it really close to her face.

As we mentioned earlier, lighting is everything, but when it’s not available, you can do this.

She’s so fortunate to have a friend who used the light from another cellphone to give her the ideal lighting for the photo. Otherwise, no one on Instagram would have been able to see her face or her hand gestures.

Always remember that props can add a little structure and a pop of color on a selfie.

Accessories are also a plus. From a cool beaded hat, to massive yellow sunglasses, anything can be used to create a fun colorful photo. Oh, and you might need a friend who’s okay laying on the dirty sidewalk in order to give you the thumbs up when she’s ready to take the photo.

This bride wants the perfect picture of herself wearing a wedding dress before the big day.

Of course, her groom can’t see her in the dress before the wedding, so she got her brother to take the photo with his cellphone. And this guy deserves the brother of the year award for throwing himself on the floor for the perfect shot. It' definitely worth it!

Filters always make you look more like a model, but you can’t always rely on phone filters.

This gal used a pair of pink intimates to create the pink lighting around her. That goes to show that people are definitely willing to try anything in an attempt to snap the perfect photo. After playing around with different fabrics and textures, you quickly realize that lightning and creativity is what makes the shot.

The one thing to remember is that you want to take a photo that sets you apart from others.

This girl decided that instead of taking a photo of her face, she would have her friend take a photo of the bottom of the back of her shoes. Her friend even threw herself on the floor of the plaza to get this interesting angle. See? That's what a BFF looks like!

When you're snapping an amazing photo, try to move around and find the right angle.

This gal is stuck between a rock and a hard place, or in this case, two metal trash bins. But it was worth it to get an incredible photo that's well lit, and features a geometric pattern that showcases the model's beautiful expression.

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