Farmer Got The Best Revenge On People Who Parked Illegally On His Lot.

He Was Sick Of It

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He was so upset. They had done it to him again. As he walked outside and realized this, he tried keeping a level head. He didn’t like losing his temper, but hated the fact that he had to deal with this issue after making every attempt to find a peaceful resolution. But it was obvious diplomacy wasn’t going to solve this situation. So, he came up with an idea that made him famous on the internet.

He Tried To Be A Nice Guy

One of the perks of living in a rural community is that you get to coexist peacefully with your neighbors. Well, that’s what Davao Bedekovic initially thought. Bedekovic enjoyed living in the sparsely populated village of Jakusevec in Zagreb, Croatia. But unfortunately, his neighbors had really started ticking him off. It shouldn’t have been this way, and he did his best to let it slide. Eventually, he realized he couldn’t ignore the situation.

New Business

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Bedekovic owned a field near the village center. As a farmer, he was glad to see the town’s population of 2,000 was growing. This meant more business. In fact, a market had recently opened up near his farmhouse. He was ecstatic about this because it was only a five-minute walk. This would make grocery shopping a lot easier. But he never realized the new shopping center was going to have such a negative effect on his life.

Issues With Parking


The new market didn’t have an area designated specifically for parking. And since there were several other buildings, shoppers started parking across the street to walk over to the market. But this was only a temporary fix. The market had attracted tons of customers and there wasn’t enough parking to accommodate everyone. So, some of the patrons came up with the perfect solution, but they never thought twice about how their actions would affect others.

Get Off My Land

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Before long, folks started parking on Bedekovic’s property, so they could go shopping at the new market. At first, he didn’t mind. It was only a couple of cars. But as the weeks passed, word spread. Soon, everyone was using Bedekovic’s field as a public parking lot. The weekends were the worst. There were so many cars that he couldn’t do any fieldwork. So, he decided to put his foot down.

People Were Inconsiderate

The Car Connection

Bedekovic went out and asked people nicely not to park on his property. Most of the people he spoke to did as they were told. But when he wasn’t out shooing people away, everyone turned his field into a parking lot. He was a busy man. He couldn’t keep doing this every day. He grew desperate as he tried to come up with a way to get rid of the unwanted cars in the field. But he was drawing a blank on a useful solution.

The People Deterrent


Bedekovic had gotten so mad once that he considered slashing people’s tires. But this would have attracted unwanted attention from authorities. So, he considered building a fence, but that would have cost him too much. It would have also made it difficult to drive his vehicles into the field. He had to find a solution that would prevent others from parking without making his life miserable. And as he looked across the field, an idea came to mind.

Creating Trenches


Bedekovic walked out and saw row after row of cars parked on his field. He tried to stay calm as he walked to the other side of the field. Then, he got into his red tractor, turned the engine on, and headed straight toward the parked cars. The plow in front of him churned the dirt as he drove around the rows. He created trenches across the entire field, and people noticed what he was doing.

Causing Quite A Stir

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People looked on in shock as the farmer took vengeance against the inconsiderate drivers who parked in his property. They were going to have one heck of a tough time driving their vehicles through the uneven surface and trenches he created. But some of the folks who watched what he did found his tactics amusing. One person even recorded what was happening. Some people were very upset.

They Were Stranded

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As the car owners walked out of the market, they realized they were in a tough spot. The patrons who parked by the street had no problems avoiding the trenches. But the others cars were literally stuck in the mud. There was no way for them to escape. Then, one angry driver decided to risk it and tried to escape the farmer’s trenches.

She Was Ticked Off

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The owner of a silver Peugeot was very upset when she saw what Bedekovic did. But she wasn’t going to let him stop her from getting out. So, she tried driving away, but then the wheels got stuck in the mud and so was she. She tried to break free by driving in reverse and turning her steering wheel from left to right, but nothing worked. By this point, she was peeved, so she did the last thing Bedekovic expected. She dialed the authorities.

Cops Were Stunned

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The cops were dumbfounded when they arrived at the scene. They had never encountered a situation like this one in their career. But they couldn’t ignore the number of upset car owners who wanted the farmer to pay for what he did. A few of them had even demanded they arrest him. So, the cops decided to talk to Bedekovic.

His Side Of The Story

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The cops approached Bedekovic, who told them as calmly as ever why he did what he did. Then the cops checked to make sure none of the cars in the field had been damaged. Once that was confirmed, the officers addressed the drivers and told them something shocking. This was Bedekovic’s property, and he had every right to protect it, which meant they couldn’t do anything to him.

Revenge Is Sweet

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The cars in his property were trespassing, so Bedekovic could have taken legal action against them. But he decided the trenches he dug up were punishment enough. Now, he was certain everyone would think twice before parking on his property. But he’s not the only one in the world to exact justice on inconsiderate car owners.

Lesson Learned

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Brazilian pranksters uploaded a video that showed what happened to a driver who had parked in a handicap spot illegally. As soon as the driver left, they covered the whole vehicle with blue and white Post-It notes. They also formed the shape of the handicap symbol on the side of the car. The driver was understandably upset and drove off, but the video went viral and also raised awareness about illegal parking.

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